Monday, October 24, 2011

Toun Diva's First Solo Single

 Female singer from KPY Entertainment Toun Diva has released her first solo single! The song is called, "Kham Khor Jark Khon Bor Sam Khun".

KPY describes Toun's new single as a "Pop R&B" single. It's about a person who is in love with a guy but the guy doesn't know. He only comes to her to talk about his problems with his girlfriend. She doesn't want to listen but she makes her self listen anyways. 

Toh from Xtreme is also featured in this single with a solo rap part.

Single Cover:

Toun Diva
Kham Khor Jark Khon Bor Sam Khun (ຄຳຂໍ..ຈາກຄົນບໍ່ສຳຄັນ)
KPY Entertainment