Friday, May 21, 2010

May Is In Love!

Nah, well actually it's the title of her new song! Who knows? I did hear rumors that May is dating Lang though. Can you believe she is only 17 or 18? So young! Actually I didn't do the math so I don't know her actual age but she is a 1992 born! Anyways, here it is Mays second single titled, "I Luv U!" or "Khoy Huk Jao" in Lao. It is a sweet song and I can't help but picture a story of a fairy tale. Now that would be a great concept for the music video right? Her voice seems to have gotten a lot better as well. In my opinion this song is far better than her first single. I'm sure this song will be a hit in Laos!


  1. The Engrish buggs the heck out of me, other then that it isnt that bad. May and Lang would make a very cute couple, if it's true, all the best to them!!! :)

  2. I used to go to the same highschool with her...
    she's a really nice girl back then, now? bitchy!

  3. She is the original Lao girl => yet blended with western-modern style.


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