Monday, May 17, 2010

New Alee Photoshoots

Alee is one of the members of hip hop group Pull-T Club from Indee Records. He is dating Ching of girl band Genii. Here are some photo shoots of him in a studio.


  1. Gosh he looks like a clown! He needs to take off that Optimus Prime belt, Jolly rancher shoes and that silly Power Ranger's watch, I swear it looks like he can morph into the Lao Ranger any minute now especially in that last picture.

  2. ຫນ້າຕາເຈົ້າຊູ້ຢູ່ຫາກແຕ່ວ່າແຕ່ງຕົວແບບບໍ່ເຂົ້າທ່າມັນເບິ່ງໂຫຼຈັກຫນ້ອຍ.
    ອາແມຣິກາໄຊ່ແຕ່ບາງຄົນຊື່ໆດອກ(ພວກຮຶກຫຼືອານາຖາ)classy and well educated people don't go for this kind of fashion, only street Bangor, lame raper,and drug dealer wear this. If you guys want to look kool you picked the wrong style& is dated too!

  3. he looks shot man!!!! hahahah


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