Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back With A 3rd Single

Since their debut album has been released, which was self-titled, Temple Guys has released three singles from this album. Their first single was the up-beat "Hoo Bor" and their second was the ballad "Tarng Gun". Now here they are back releasing their third single, "Gun Lae Gun". I actually liked this choice because this was also a favorite track of mine from this album. The music video has also been released for quite a while now but it has finally been uploaded to Youtube. The video could use a bit of more work since it's kind of boring and makes you tune out. As you can notice Kimmy's hair is now wavy and got rid of the horrid mullet that he was sporting.

If you want to purchase their album please go to this link. It's only $5.00 and it would be great to help support our artists instead of downloading it illegally.

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  1. Jimmy got style & sexy voice' I love his songs with professional quality similar to " Green Day" American modern rock group. He's good actor in most of his videos & Congratulation on your outstanding performances Jimmy and may your success never ends.


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