Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music Boom Chart (04.16.2010)

Here is this weeks Top 5 from Music Booms chart for May 16, 2010. In fifth place is solo artist from Valentine Music, Gift, with her song "Jobe Gun". Fourth place comes a new song from V.I.P, who are also with Valentine, with their latest single "Jobe Khao Nai Hua Jai". Slipping down a spot from last week is Lady with her song, "Soud Tee Huk". In second comes Temple Guys with "Gun Lae Gun". Taking the lead in first spot is Genii with Yorm Jai Orn. Last week they were at fourth place moving up three spots to number one. Congrats to Genii! Seems like this week Valentine Music is dominating the charts!


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