Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Will Release New Single!

It's been quite a while since May released her first single, Thao Nee Gor Phor Jai. I have received news from her  management that May will be releasing her second single next week. For now I have no idea what the title of the song is. Hopefully it's something up beat that makes us want to dance since we have already heard her sing a slow jam. Also I have pictures of May at a party that was made for her. These were taken from her Hi5 account so all credit goes to her.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that Lang will also release his first single in a really long time. Just to update you guys it will be released next week! It is called, "Baeb Nee Thouk Kung" and a couple of days ago I got the chance to listen to it. I was actually really nervous when I began to listen to it because I have been anticipating for his comeback for so long. I wasn't let down at all. The song is a very up-beat song accompanied by techno beats that will make you want to get up and dance. I promise you this song will be a huge hit in Laos! 

Remember to keep up with LaoPop4u as we have the first dibs to posting these two artists new single up! 

Here are the photo's from her party. Doesn't she look pretty? She's like a doll!

(credits to May@Hi5)

May with Aluna 


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