Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tar (A'pacts) Will Shoot "Orn Ae"

Anita has gained many fans since the release of her first single, Orn Ae. Her song has been playing on music shows and radio stations. I finally have received information that Anita will be shooting the music video for her single quite soon. Who will be directing it? The person who will be shooting it will be Tar of A'pacts. From what I have been told the music video will be huge. It's one of KPY's biggest project yet. They are getting ready and writing the script. Most of you might not know this but he is responsible for shooting the best music videos in Laos. Here is a list of videos he has directed.

1. Aluna - Neung Kham Gub Took Took Sing (ໜຶ່ງຄໍາກັບທຸກໆສິ່ງ), Sia Dai (ເສຍດາຍ), Khuan Hou Seuk Bok (ຄວາມຮູ້ສຶກບອກ)
2. May - Thao Nee Gor Phor Jai (ເທົ່ານີ້ກໍ່ພໍໃຈ)
3. Nalin - Wao Ba Ba (ເວົ້າບ້າໆ)
4. DiVa - Sanya Ja Bor Mee Namta (ສັນຍາຈະບໍ່ມີນໍ້າຕາ)


Tar is the lead singer of A'pacts and is also a song writer. In late 2009 he released a solo single called "Kawon Kavai", or ກະວົນກະວາຍ. The song means anxiety.

Oh, and I couldn't just make a post and not post a picture of Anita! Here is an old magazine cover of Khuan Jai with Anita featured on the front page.

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