Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Possible New Song From Lang?


As most of you know Lang is another one of the artists that KPY has recruited. We haven't heard much about this guy since the rumors about his album. Lang has been absent in the music industry for so long I began to wonder if he was still pursuing his singing career. That was until I stumbled upon his facebook status that said, ມື້ອື່ນເຂົ້າຫ້ອງອັດ ອັດເພງໃໝ່ "ແບບນີ້ທຸກຄັ້ງ". He posted this last month in April. It translates out to "Tomorrow I will go in the studio to record a new song "Baeb Nee Took Kung". 

Here is a photo of him with Vj Anita in what looks like a recording studio.

Some of his work from the past:


  1. ບໍ່ເຫັນລັ່ງດົນລະ ເຫີ

  2. I can't wait to hear your new song Lang! You have sexy song with sexy voice.

  3. hi, this might sound ignorant but is lao and thai the same language? i'm not laos so i can't tell but the symbols look alot the same the the sound does too. just wondering. good music

  4. Hey, to answer your question Thai and Lao are two different languages. It may be hard for non speakers of these two languages to differentiate but it is easy to us. For me I cannot understand Thai very well. You can make a comparison just as German language is to Austrian language.

    Don't worry, your question was not ignorant at all. Cheers! Thanks for visiting my blog



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