Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pretty Cool Becomes A Duo

Seems like the trio Pretty Cool has become a duo. Pretty Cool  was originally three girls who were former nang sangkarn contestants. The record company they are signed with is C-Star. Some of you who are familiar with them know them for their single, "Hug Wao Tae Park". Now they are back with just two girls and their new single is called "Pen Faen Gun Bor?". The music video is set in front of a building and the girls are dancing in front of the camera with a bunch of beach toys scattered on the grass. For me I liked the setting of the video. It's very eye catching.

For me the song isn't well produced and the girls vocals aren't very strong. I do think the song is catchy though but if they had worked a lot harder on it I bet it would have came out great. I've actually started to like the sound of the meung luang accent in Lao music.

Behind the scenes photo's:



  1. Sounds like Karaoke night at the bar...

  2. ໂຕຈິງແສງໜ້າຮັກ :)

  3. Let me put it this way, GIVE IT UP!! "Pretty Terrible"

  4. lar noy pai sai la?


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