Friday, June 25, 2010

Lang Releases Second Cover

Lang has released yet another single cover for his song, Baeb Nee Took Kung. There's still no update on a single release date but I'm sure the long wait will be worth while. Judging from the cover, it seems that Lang has gotten a haircut and it looks great on him. His hair in the first cover looks very thick. 

Which cover is your favorite?

Baby photo's

Bor Maen Khon Jai Ngai
Released: 2008


  1. too much photoshop ... not epic ... we studied at the same faculty...he used to be a hot guy no. 1 in college, but now he looks suck.

  2. both are fine ..but i like the right side pic.

  3. Lang has a nice side profile, accept he looks too famenine and his outfit is kinda like what male whore would wear on the(left pix).

  4. He's really so much~

  5. I think it's ok, but as we may know that this is a world of entertainment.
    They do things because people expected them to reach a certain standard.
    I respect every comment, but some how don't you think it's a bit harsh to criticize that someone is like a man whore.

    Thank you

  6. inever said that Lang is a male whore or does he looks like one. I was talking about his clothes OK! I was the mildest way that can put it, you're just being anal about my opinion that's all.

  7. i think his wearing in the picture above don't suitable for him , i don't like that cloth because it look like the cloth for GAY!!! Please tell him that he should changes his wearing!from his Fan Club!!!


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