Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lao Movie, "Mork Xiwid"

Our music industry has taken a dramatic leap in the past few years, but what about our movie industry? Just this month the movie "Khor Pieng Huk" was premiered in Laos and had great reviews. Now comes another movie called "Mork Xi Wid" due to be released at the end of 2010. The film is a story about a couples dream of helping people with disabilities but a tragedy comes up when the main hero finds out that he has become ill with AIDS. 

The hero is played by the rapper of Gor Khor Kor, a hip-hop duo that shot to fame in 2009 with their hit single "Bor Mee Sing Dai Nae Norn". His name is Amone Xayavong, or Noy, and he will be playing the role of Phonepadith. Noy mentions that he has had past acting experiences and that there could be a second album coming soon. 

Gor Khor Kor
 "Bor Mee Sing Dai Nae Norn" (2009)

Mork Xiwid is currently being filmed and will be airing at the end of this year. The script took three months to write. It is being produced by the National Drama Troupe.

Confirmed Casts:
  • Amone Xayavong as "Phonepadith"
  • Thipphakone Inthalangsy as "Lathsamy"
  • Sourisak Phommachan as " Khonsavanh"

Learn more about this film: Mork Xiwid

Amone Xayavong

Thipphakone Inthalangsy

Sourisak Phommachan


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