Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pull-T Club Talks About New Album

Hip-Hop group Pull-T Club, or "Pull Together", talks in an interview session about their upcoming debut album. They mention that they will be dropping their first album in the near future. The video was shot inside a photography studio and is accompanied by the song, "Lhong", which will be included in their album. The song features Anny from L.O.G. 

The guys had been taking photo's for most of the day and said they were very tired but was a fun experience. "We wanted to take many pictures so that it looks good and make people want to buy our album!", says Alee. The theme for the photo shoot was "Black and White".

At the end of the video they politely asked for our support by helping to buy their album. Kone jokingly said, "We wish for every one to buy our album because we want to get rich!". The guys then laughed at him. 

The album is on schedule to be released in early September. Seems like Indee Records is kicking up their game now as there will be many more albums dropped from their company in the near future. 

Pull-T Club Interview / Behind The Scenes

Official Music Videos
First Love & "Sark"


  1. I am Vietnamese and I really enjoy the music of Lao^^May i ask a question where can i donwload a Lao song name Khon Jai Ngi by Thigh in mp3? I've been searching for it. Can u send me ( )? Thanks a lot !

  2. They'll have the look of SUPER STAR!:)
    Sorry guys I'm not into this kind of music, but don't mind to hear it from time to time.
    It's good to see some improvement in Lao music industry , I'll probably listen to more of Lao musics from now on & give my American music cd collections a little break.

    Lao USA

  3. Sorry I don't have the song at the moment. I only know the music video is on youtube.

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