Thursday, August 12, 2010

Xtreme's Single Released on Radio!

On Tuesday morning, Xtreme's debut single was finally released into Lao radio stations. One of the radio stations that was reported playing the song was FM 97.5 Lao, thanks to one of our viewers for reporting it. We also had the chance to hear the single and was quite impressed.

The style of the song gives a hip-hop vibe mixed with pop, which is very popular in Asia right now. It's a very repetitive song but the lyrics was very well written and would be hard for someone who isn't fluent in Lao to understand it. Although the song does contains some english, the majority of it is in Lao. The rhythm of the song makes you want dance and move around with the beat, something that KPY is very good at doing. 

The only thing left for Xtreme is to release a music video for the song. I'm sure to expect that the guys will be showing off their dance moves because we all know they can dance quite well.  Hopefully, it will be coming out very soon and we will keep everyone updated here at LaoPop4u.

Xtreme - "Flirt"

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  1. woooooo !!!! cool ^^

  2. Xtreme ອີ່ຫລີ O.o'

  3. ປູ່ເປ້ລາວAugust 12, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    ເກືອບສົມບູນແບບ ເພງມ່ວນຢູ່ນະຈ້ະ ແຕ່ສຽງຮ້ອງຕອນທຳອິດຟັງບໍ່ຄ່ອຍຮູ້ເລື່ອງນະ

  4. good jop xtreme. koi muk pheng jao lai der. mun ka nard lauy susu 2

  5. hope to hear more from them
    i like it!

  6. Congrat to Xtreme!!
    This such a very good song - the best ever^^
    Ps. For Tou, is this Ur first time singing rite??
    very well done - keep doing a good job der.. always cheer >.<


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