Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Way Ticket Officially Released

They’re back with a new single, new look, new name and under a new record company. 

MAZ, formerly L.A. Five, have unleashed their latest single “One Way Ticket” under Lao Pride Records. They’ve managed to clean up their look well and have vocally matured. There are some unfamiliar faces which suggests they may have added new members. 

“One Way Ticket” is about how someone is trying to get their lover back by following them hoping that they will be taken back, but in the end it’s hopeless. It doesn’t matter the distance because they are willing to follow their heart without turning back or giving up.

The music video was nicely done; it highlights each member well and shows off their dance moves all throughout the video. 

The storyline is about a girl who is now prancing around with her new man and it shows her past boyfriend coming back into her life trying to get her back. In the end, she refuses and she goes on with the new one while he is just left hanging.

Overall, the song and music video go great together since it gives us a whole new perspective on how much L.A. Five or now, MAZ, have grown from their previous works. Their dancing skills have dramatically improved compared to their past releases. 

Choreography Captures:

Storyline Captures:

MAZ - One Way Ticket [HD]
Official Music Video 2010
Lao Pride Records


  1. ກະເທ່ດີ, ແຕ່ວ່າຍັງດ້ອຍ XTREME ເດີ້ ^^

  2. ມີແວວໂພສນີ້ຊິຖືກ disable comment ຫະຫະ

  3. ....... no one wants to comment on #1 boy band....................................haahhaha

  4. ຄືອ້າຍບ່າວມົ້ງນໍ້

  5. XTREME D khu br hen me MV ork ma norrr.. hen khe mo tae don!!

  6. XTREME D khu br hen me MV ork ma norrr.. hen khe mo tae don!!

    kong dee ka tong sai wae laa...but mee bang mv mee hod 3rd episode tae ka bor hen si dee bone dai dai la ka dai...ka nard Aluna the best artist in Lao yung mee mv tae 2 episode...but bang singer mee hod tang wa 3 episode...ohhhh khon beung si bor hao none wa look eui ~~~~~~

  7. support boyband laos do the best dont try to say anything to them.all boy band in laos are good ,only the dont have the same stlye .no one is better than other...

  8. Lao Entertainment Industry ka mee kun thor ni ka yung wao sai kun nor !!!! koun hu huk kun wai bor man wa ?? jung dai ka cheers every singers in Laos der :)

  9. ຄັນບໍ່ເກ່ງບໍ່ມ່ວນກະຊີ່ໃຫ້ຕົວະມັນກໍ່ເຕັມທີຕີ້!

  10. yark hen wong karn bun teong lao khao pau kang nar doiy bor copy jark kong pai doiy sa por Thai

  11. ເວົ້າເຖິງຄະນະ"Xtreme"ເນາະ,ຂ້ອຍເຫັນວ່າພວກນີ້ມີແຕ່ຄົນເຈົ້າຊູ້ທັງນັ້ນ,
    (High So)ພູ້ນຫຼະແລະທັງການສະແດງເຕັ້ນລຳ

  12. As the official facebook page of the xtreme posted that they"re gonna shoot the vdo for "flirt" on this weekend ((2nd week of november)). I believe that kpy Entertianment will make it good enough for their artist like Anita and May. Good to see lao music industry getting better in time. Anyway somes said that the lao band bring the'korean trend''into lao culture,but i think it's good to do that because it makes lao artist looks better and instyle.

  13. MAZ, su su der,

    me kon huk .. ga tong me kon sung, tae kon huk kong puak toh lai gua kOn thi bo wung dee yu leo

    L-POP (LAO-POP) GO ON ! ^^

  14. M:OO1--->> Fc MAZ
    Aiy2 " maz " Boybarnd >> eiy pen neo dai kor susu der....y mee fc pen kham lang jai hai samer si tha fung pleng mai ner cheer soud jai u leo

  15. MAZ - susu der y mee Fc. cheer u lae pen khum lang jai hai samer
    ^__^ M:oo1 kha


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