Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tik Keopaserts New Album

It seems like Indee Records is back on their track once again! The first half of the 2010 year Indee Records was very quiet with little releases. Things have changed and their latest album release is for their artist Tik Keopasert.

Tik has released two singles so far including "Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai" and "Ya Bork Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun". Her album is called, "New Me", suggesting that she has transformed into a new person perhaps a more matured woman.

The album is filled with pop songs from fast electronic feel songs to slow poppy jam songs. Some new songs include, "New Me" and "Bor Huk Jao Leo".

Track list:
01. New Me
02. Bor Huk Jao Leo
03. Kham Khor Tod
04. Ya Bork Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun
05. Sia Jai Phor Leo
06. Yark Lorng

New Me Album Preview:
Indee Records

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Tik Keopasert
New Me

Album Cover


  1. love your news songs Tik

  2. This song so HOT!!!!

    Lao-teen USA,

  3. ໂອ Lao-NoName ກະພໍເບິ່ງໄດ້ຢູ່ໃດລະເນາະ :)

  4. cheers for Tik too derrrrr :) pheng muan lai ^^


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