Friday, November 12, 2010

Xtreme on Lao TV Show

Xtreme was recently featured on a show called Female Agent in their “One Day Profile” segment. The camera follows Xtreme around the entire day to see what the band is up to and what things they have to do before the end of the day.

The boys start their day off in the morning at KPY Entertainment for a brief meeting on what the day consists of. Their first job is to pick and choose what pictures they want to be on the cover of their next single and also do some recording. After that, they head off to the Sengdara facility to rehearse for their concert later that night.

After 2 hours of rehearsals, they meet up once again at True Coffee to brainstorm and decide what song will be the second single they will release. Once that is done, they head back to the KPY Entertainment office for another meeting with some important people.

Finally, the day ends with their concert at Cultural Hall.

The band leaves us with a few words saying that, “We are excited to have shared the whole day with everyone and let everyone see another side of Xtreme and we hoped you enjoyed it. We also want to leave with you our latest single "Flirt".”

Xtreme on "One Day Profile"
Part 1/2

Xtreme on "One Day Profile"
Part 2/2


  1. Hop beab laiy karn kuk u tea eao gay ma eork het yung

  2. "Hop beab laiy karn kuk u tea eao gay ma eork het yung"

    khon post ka pen GAY wa ? keu hoo wa ka jao pen GAY ? 55555555+++++ be learnt before showing ur confidence ...

  3. kon lao huk gun mae sa nup sa noon gun ya vaow hai gun thoc....d leo.. som seoy der...

  4. Gay or not they looked Hot&Sexy to me!

    Lao-teen USA

  5. hun lae sa nub sa noon kun dir mir


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