Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Female Actress of Super One's MV

A familiar face was featured on Mahason Magazines 102nd Issue for the month of November. Although she is not a singer, she was the female lead actress to Super One's music video that was released in September. She played the role of Super One's girlfriend who passed away from a sickness.

This beautiful young lady is known as Nouansavanh Thongkham (ນວນສະຫວັນ ທົງຄຳ) but goes by the name of Sing-Sing (ຊິງຊິງ). She was invited for a photoshoot and an interview session.

Mahason first started out by asking her if she has done modelling before and how she felt about this opportunity. "I haven't done any modelling before so this is my first time. I am very excited to do this shoot for Mahason Magazine", Sing replied.

They then asked her if she is currently working or studying. "I am not working yet because I am in school".

Here are some other facts given during the interview: (We tried our best to read the tiny words)

  • 5.3 feet tall (161ຊມ)
  • 92lbs (42ກກ)
  • She is single
  • Has never been in a relationship (Hard to believe? She's beautiful!)
  • Outgoing, very good speaker, good tempered person
Sing as the actress in Super One's music video:

Mahason Magazine Issue #102
Featuring Sing-Sing 


Source of Interview quotes:


  1. cute girl with good sense of style.

    Lao-teen USA

  2. haha..enai Sing khi tua... ^^ br kei me fan va sun...


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