Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Ey" Genii's New Photoshoots

The youngest member of Genii, "Ey", recently uploaded two photoshoots that she had done for a segment called Beauty Boom onto her Hi5 profile. She is seen dressing in two different cute and fashionable attires. 

Ey, or Silipa Sixouvong (ສິລິພາ ສີສຸວົງ), was born on October 2nd, 1992 and is the younger sister to Ching, who is also in Genii.  

According to Genii's fanclub, Ey's father is ethnically Chinese while her mother is Laotian. She enjoys tennis, running, and swimming. Her other hobbies are dancing and singing. She says that she is not a talkative person but is very easy-going.

Ey "Genii"
(Credit: Ey's Hi5 profile)

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