Thursday, December 09, 2010

Super One's Concert Photo's

Super One recently held a concert in Vientiane, according to his Facebook fanpage it was held on the 8th this month and will be doing another one on the 12th. Although it was not stated, we can make a guess that he sang his debut single "Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor". The photo's from the event can be found on his fanpage.

So what has Super One been up to? He has stated himself that he is working on a new song. No additional information on what kind of song it is can be found.

Other than that there has been some rumors that Super One will be perfoming in Udtown (Thailand) along with MAZ. This comes as no surprise as his music video surfaced onto many Thai message boards.

Photo's from the event



  1. ຄອນເສີດຢູ່ໃສຄືຄົນຫ໌າຍແທະ??

  2. Ooooh! he's got muscular arms on him.

  3. can't wait for his next single.


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