Thursday, January 27, 2011

May Releases 3rd Single!

After much awaited anticipation, May of KPY Entertainment has finally released her 3rd single “Hou Leo Wa Bor Huk” or “I Already Know You Don’t Love Me”.

Unlike her first and second singles, “Hou Leo Wa Bor Huk” is more about heartbreak. It’s about knowing that the relationship is over and acknowledging the situation, but she still misses that person even if he does have a new one in his life. She reminisces into the past after seeing them hold hands and it makes her feel a little sad inside because she used to be that girl.

She keeps telling herself it’s over, but it gets harder and harder every time because her heart just can’t seem to let go yet. It’s making her go crazy.

The song has a soft, jazzy melody to it. It helps give it a sad touch which works well since the song is intended to somewhat be that way.

It feels like May seems to have matured more judging from what she's singing about because this one isn't like her usual pop song about love. She let's the audience see a different, more grown up side of her.
May (ເມລະອອງ ສິຊານົນ)
Hou Leo Wa Jao Bor Huk / ຣູ້ແລ້ວວ່າບໍ່ຣັກ

Single Covers


  1. nab meu heng nar huk nor nong May : )

  2. may cover is pretty, the songs really good.

  3. wow... i love u may. ur song is very good der :)

  4. i love your song, but i still love you more.. may


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