Sunday, February 20, 2011

Idolz third single, "Ja Huk, Ja Lerk"

Boy band Idolz have released their third single called “Ja Huk Ja Lerk”. Their first two singles were "Miss You" and "Gun Nam Ta Bor Wai". 

"Ja Huk Ja Lerk" is about whether to break up or stay together because everything seems to be changing between the two lovers. One side is confused on what to do because they still love the other person. Before everything was going good and there were no problems, but now the feelings of what use to be aren’t there anymore. 

The guys have also changed up their look to a more mature and sophisticated style instead of the colorful boyish look.    A music video has already been shot but not yet released. 

Ja Huk Ja Lerk / ຈະຮັກ ຈະເລີກ


  1. not sure if i like this song?

  2. the melody is smooth :) it would better if other group sang it..

  3. I really like this song^^ su su der Idolz!! pen kumlung jai hai^^

  4. pheng ni muan nor :) tae wa MV ni moun ui pui -_-" .......


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