Monday, February 21, 2011

Tik Princess Release New Music Video

After releasing the music video teaser back in December the pop singer Tik Princess finally premiers her newest singles music video for 'Khor Tod Peua Yung'. This will make it the singers third single release.

In this music video the story continues yet again from her previous two music videos. This time her boyfriend 'Tong' wants to apologize to Tik for leaving her twice. She feels that he is not being sincere and that his sorrows have no meaning to them. 

At the end of the music video they are seen on a date and Tong proposes to Tik once again. To find out if she accepts it or not check out the music video below! 

MV Screenshots

Tik Princess
Khor Tod Peua Yung / ຂໍໂທດເພື່ອຫຍັງ
Indee Records 2011


  1. ອັບໂຫລດເອງເລີຍທີດຽວ ມ່ວນຫຼາຍເດີ້

  2. I like " New Me " better!!

  3. the las scene, it reminds me of Annita in Nalin's PV ... Wao Bar Bar ~~

  4. I love this song very much................Great voice

  5. I love Tik Princess and her songs. Make me wanna move back to Laos.....

  6. I love it. Great song and great voice. I want to go back to Laos , live and marry Lao girl.........

  7. please come to America for lao fans......

  8. I like this song and Tik is always pretty! su su, bor tonk kuk pai ha fan kow dok, mun bor dee ka hai mun pai kai kai lood ha ha ha!


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