Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Interview with Stars from Aluna's MV

Vena and Tum were recently featured and interviewed in the latest issue of Mahason Magazine. They were the nang aek and pha aek of Aluna’s music video for “Frequency of Love”.

The interview started off with saying “Sabaidee” to the magazine and the readers. They were asked about their relationship; if anything more was going than just being friends because they seem to be pretty close outside of their work as well. Both replied that they are just friends and they met each other from doing the music video together.

Next, Vena and Tum were asked to tell the reader what they are currently working on and their future plans. Tum currently has this Mahason fashion shoot and he’s just focusing on his studies as well. As for Vena, she is getting ready to start her music career under KPY Entertainment.

For more on the interview, check out Mahason Magazine issue #106.

Aluna - Frequency of Love [MV]

Mahason photo shoot


  1. They looked so HOT, love their poses!!!!
    The girl looked verrrry sexy pooring the sand......

  2. Omg!!! Tum n Vena looked hot together.. I don't get to see this type of photo shoot in lao magazine so much... great job dr:) wanna see more of their work.. if they get to star in a movie together then it would be perfect lol:) cheers!!

  3. like the cover, both of them look amazing


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