Thursday, April 07, 2011

Alexandra Performs at "Heartfelt Friendship" Concert

A group of Lao artists recently held a charity concert to help raise funds for Japan. Of those artists includes Alexandra Bounxouei, MAZ, Sam Intharaphithak, Aluna, Lady, NamTao, and many more.

Alexandra's performances have already been seen on the internet where she sang two songs. One of them she sang with Sam Intharaphithak and is a new song they have just recorded called, "Meita Penee".

The other song she performed was an old song from her album called "Memories" and Tom from the boy band MAZ joined to dance with her.
Memories (ft. dance by Tom MAZ)

Alexandra & Sam Intharaphithak
Meita Penee

Photo's at the event:



  1. ຮູບສຸດທ້າຍ ທຳອິດເຫັນ ບໍ່ໄດ້ຄຶດອອກເລີຍວ່າແມ່ນ alexandra =.=

  2. wow! welcome back Alexandra

  3. awe i like Memories hope to a mv


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