Friday, April 08, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Jears Music Video

Jear's newest song 'Gai Teuk Konh' has gotten many good feedback on both his song and his music video for the style of song and the comic put into the video. 

A behind the scenes footage of the music video can now be watched on Youtube. It shows some of the scenes that were shot along with hilarious bloopers that will be sure to make you laugh! 

Behind The Scenes (ເບື້ອງຫຼັງ)
'Gai Teuk Konh' | ໄກ່ຖືກຄ້ອນ
by Jear Pacific

Music Video:


  1. ຄັກຫຼາຍ ຕະຫຼົກດີ mv ກໍມ່ວນ ເບື້ອງຫຼັງກໍຕະຫຼົກ ຊົມເຊີຍເນາະ

  2. Ai Jear kuk lai
    kor hai dai lang vun MV dee den der
    pen kam lung jai hi:)



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