Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music Video for 'Souk Tee Tae Jing' by Lao Artists

Finally the seven singers who sang 'Souk Tee Tae Jing' for Japan's earthquake and tsunami survivors last month has finally recorded a music video for the song.

In the video it shows various clips and photo's of the devastating event along with the singers singing in a studio. The artists were Aluna, Nouan, Lady, Ola' Black Eyes, Tar A'pacts, Sam, and Buratino.

Souk Tee Tae Jing
by varios Lao artists


  1. ຮື...? ຕອນກາງຫຼັງໄປຄືເປັນຈັ່ງຊັ້ນ...

  2. it's a good song.....

    so sad...


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