Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aluna Interviewed by 'The Travel Word'

Our very own Aluna was recently interviewed by an American journalist for the travel website 'The Travel Word'. Aluna was able to both share her music to a broader audience and introduce our beautiful Lao culture. 

In the article they dub her the princess of Lao pop music. They give a little brief biography on Aluna about how she started off with singing just regular pop music and now she's trying to mix the traditional 'khene' instrument into her music. 

She explains that the people who most influence her today are her mother and father. As a child her father always played the guitar and her mother would sing along at times. Her first instrument she learned to play was the guitar. 

The article also included Aluna's recent music video for 'Keun Kong Khuam Kit Terng' or 'Frequency of Love'. They mentioned about an earlier feat as well when Aluna was interviewed on national American TV  'The Today Show' by Matt Lauer. 

Read the full article:

Frequency of Love (2010)