Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MV Teaser for Touly's New Song

Solo female singer from Lao Pride Records 'Touly' releases her one minute music video trailer for her newest single, 'Bor Dai Geng Keu Jao' (not as good as you). 

She sings about not being able to forget about the love she once shared with her past lover. She still feels the same as when they were in love, but he has found a new girl. 

The music video stars one of the members from the boy band MAZ, Xay. He plays the role of Touly's ex boyfriend and as you can see from the teaser he has a new girl with him. Touly is seen reminiscing with old photo's they once took together. 


Bor Dai Geng Keu Jao | ບໍ່ໄດ້ເກັ່ງຄືເຈົ້າ
Lao Pride Records

Full song: