Friday, August 12, 2011

Sam's Latest Music Video

After a great successful comeback with his single "Im Sorry", Sam Intharaphithak releases a new single for his fans to listen to. The title of the new song is called "Bor Mee Wun Dai Huk Gun" which means something like 'there will be no day we can love each other again'

Sam sings about wanting his past lover to be the one to hear 'goodbye' so she can understand how it feels like to be hurt from knowing that you have someone else. 

 MV Summary

The music video focuses on Jear, a Lao comedian-actor/singer, who is torn apart because his wife leaves him. He then finds a new girl and they fall in love. They both help one another out with things such as Jear fixing her car and she watches his daughter for him. 

Near the end of the music video things turn upside down when they go out to eat dinner and his ex-wife bumps into him. She approaches his new girl and says 'I see you like to eat left overs'. What a bitch *whoops* I mean bitter woman. 

They then leave to go meet his new girlfriends mother. His mother disapproves of him because she wants her daughter to find a better man. He tells her that they should just break up.

Sam Intharaphithak 
Bor Mee Wun Dai Huk Gun | ບໍ່ມີວັນໄດ້ຮັກກັນ