Thursday, January 26, 2012

"V.Na" Makes Her Debut


New KPY artist V.Na has released her debut single onto radios today. Her single is titled "Leo Khoiy De" which when translated means "What about me?".

V.Na is a woman of many talents. She has worked as the presenter of Ponds beauty product, Miss Nang Sangkarn Luang Phabang, and has starred in a music video. She is the younger sister of B - A'pacts.

V.Na's debut single is a song about a break up. The man that she is with has just dumped her for someone else and told her that she will be okay because she is a strong woman. V.Na doesn't feel that way because she does have a heart. She would rather him tell her that he doesn't love her anymore.


Leo Khoiy De | ແລ້ວຂ້ອຍເດ
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