Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tot-Lina "Khor Tod T Bor Ton" Music Video

The official music video for Tot-Lina's second single has been released onto Youtube! The singers newest song is an R&B ballad about the singers relationship problems. 

The music video starts out with a fight with Tot-Lina and her boyfriend. She asks him why is he doing these things to him and he replies with, "I don't care about you!". Near the end of the fight he slaps her in the face and she yells out, "I hate you!". 

Tot-Lina then runs away from him then is chased by his body guards. A man then comes out from the hallway to save her from being hurt by her boyfriend. 

Does Tot-Lina fall in love with this man that comes to save her? Or does she run back to her unhappy relationship with her abusive boyfriend? Watch the music video below to find out!

Khor Tod T Bor Ton | ຂໍໂທດທີ່ບໍ່ທົນ
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