Friday, November 30, 2012

3rd Annual Lao Music Awards Coming Soon!


The long awaited 3rd annual Lao Music Awards is finally around the corner! It will makes its return on the 15th of December so get ready to cheer on your favorite artists!

To get ready for the ceremony, Mahason Magazine has released a set of photo shoots of the nominees for the 3rd annual music awards. Those photographed for the photo shoots included Maylaong, Kataiy, Black Eyes, Aluna, Shawty, Cells, Tot Lina, and many more talented singers.

This year a whopping total of 96 nominees have been chosen. The categories include Most popular female pop artist, male pop artist, new female pop artist, new male artist, female country artist, pop groud, and many more!

Lao Music Awards
Mahason Photo shoot

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  1. I'm so excited! Love you guys! Go Laos!


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