Thursday, May 28, 2009

C-Star Summer and their latest girl band!

Get ready to start your summer with C-Star! They will be hosting a concert live in Vientiane on May 30, 2009. Artists performing are L-zone, Chili Pase, Pretty Cool, Fusion, and Sith.

You can watch their promotion video here:

Pretty Cool

Pretty Cool is C-Stars latest girlband consisting of three beautiful young ladies. They are former Nang Sang Kan contestants. Their two newest singles are called "Bor Hai Pai Sai" (ບໍ່ໃຫ້ໄປໃສ) and "Huk Wao Tae Pak" (ຮັກເວົ້າແຕ່ປາກ).

You can watch their music videos here:


  1. well good job C star
    waiting der nongggggggggg

  2. sabaidi C star ,


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