Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pull-T's new music video

Hip hop music is either a hit or miss in Laos mainly because they are criticized heavily. Most hip hop groups go for the 'gangster' look which puts off a lot of people. My first impression when I saw Pull-T was, "What in the world are they wearing? They look like posers!". Turns out I realized I should not have judged them by their cover because these guys actually have potential. My personal favorite tracks from them are "Last Love" and "Lhong". Out of all four, I find that only two of them can actually rap that is Alee and Sydz. As for the rest they could use some improvement.

After presenting to us their debut music video for First Love, Pull T now gives us a new music video. It's for their latest single, Suk. They also performed this song at the Big3 Tigo event in April.

This music video seriously gave me a headache. There was way too much going on at once! They kept throwing in those random colorful flashes and static effect. I was starting to feel a bit nauseas throughout the video. There were some scenes that I thought were good though. Like the ones with the girl sitting in the chair and that one guy, who is a VJ, dancing randomly in the streets of Laos. Other than that, I thought it was just messy.

Pull T Club - "Sak"
Indee Records (2010)

Big Lu and Alee





  1. ຢາກໃຫ້ KPY ເຮັດເພງນີ້ເດ :)

  2. ແມ່ນລະ....ຈັກສິອອກມາເປັນແບບໃດ

  3. juk man phen e yang bu..SAK u lolz

  4. What da Hell!?
    Does a word "INSTANT" means any thing??

  5. I'm not sure what you're trying to say? (comment above)

  6. "Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks.." that sounds about right. I'm not a huge fan of Hip Hop / Rap but I have herd of some really good ones and this just isn't one of them.

    I mean they're on the right track, sounds like they've been paying attention to what's going on in the current hip hop scene. They have the auto tune thing(which is sort of getting played out), the repetative word and even the beats that make you want to jump around (as far as I know has always been around) but it all just seems premature and very much thrown togeather and not too cohesive.

    Oh an another thing, isnt it like always around 85 + degress in Laos this time of year (according to the weatherbug on my phone), where the heck are they, that they're wearing jackets and long sleeve dress shirts during the day time!? And don't say in a building with the AC on because that still makes them look stupid.

  7. I meant this music sounded so instant like you don't have to have a talent to make this kind of music or to cook an instant noodle.

  8. ຟັງເພງນີ້ແລ້ວຄືບໍ່ເຫັນວ່າຊິມີຫຼຸ້ຍມີແກດຫຍັງເມິດຫາກປ້າຕິໂທ້ທ່າທາງຂອງແຕ່ລະຄົນເຮັດຄືວ່າເພິ່ນຄືຊິຮ້ອງເພງແບບຂັກໆນໍ້...ແຮະໆໆໆ

  9. ສຸດຍອດເລີຍ ຄັກຫລາຍ ຟັງລະຍາກຊັກ...........?
    ํYOYOYO ..............MAN


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