Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Aluna!

Today is the birthday of one of our most popular Lao artists, Aluna Thavonsouk. Since debuting in the early 2000's, Aluna has become an household name. Some of her most popular songs include "Touk Ha Na Tee", "Khuam Hou Seuk Bok", and "Neung Kham Gub Took Took Sing". 

Aluna is also a very talented song writer who has written many songs for artists in Indee Records. Some artists she has written music for are L.O.G, Nalin, Modern Dance, and Kimmy.

If you remember, Aluna was interviewed on live national television in the United States on the Today Show. This set a new level for our music industry as it proved to us how hard Lao people have worked to improve our pop culture.

So what has Aluna been doing lately? She has teamed up with KPY to write a new song for boy band, X-treme, with Tar of A'pacts.  Being the great song-writer she is, I have a feeling X-Treme's debut single will be great!

As it is her birthday today I wanted to do a small tribute for her. Happy Birthday Aluna!

Took Ha Na Tee

Khuam Hou Seuk Bok

Neung Kham Gub Took Took Sing

Sier Dai

Today Show 
"Where in the world is Matt Lauer?"

Happy Birthday, Aluna!


  1. Happy Bday Sis Aluna ...Waitin for your New Album ^^...

  2. May all your wishes came true & have a wonderful Birth Day, Aluna.

  3. ສຸກສັນວັນຄ້າຍວັນເກີດເດີ້ເອື້ອຍໃຫຍ່ :)


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