Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ASEAN+3 Concert

ASEAN+3 Concert

Vj Lady, in purple, sings at the ASEAN+3 Concert

On June 19, 2010 there was an event held in Thailand called ASEAN+3 Concert in honor of the 60th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A total of 20 artists performed at this event from countries in the ASEAN, China, Japan, and South Korea. 

So who represented Laos? Our very own Vj Lady and new rookie singer, Taii from record company Valentine Music. From the videos I've seen I know that Lady performed atleast three songs including a duet with Taii and a Cambodian singer. Two songs that Lady sang were "Oh, Duang Champa" and "Yen Sabai".

No one has uploaded an official recording of the event yet but there are fan videos uploaded by people who have attended this concert. For now here is what I have found.

Vj Lady 
Oh, Duang Jampa; Yen Sabai
(begins at 5:00)

Taii duet with Vj Lady
(begins at 3:58)

Thank you,, for providing the video


(Taii, new Valentine Music artist)

(Taii in green sinh and Lady in peach sinh)


  1. so elegant nor ^^ hu suek wa Valentine Music ja kup ma eek leo yeah yeah...

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  3. Oh no. i couldn't believe this. their voice were terrible. i think i am better. sigh...


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