Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DiVa Release Music Video

Who is DiVa? Well DiVa is actually a project group from KPY Entertainment. They are the two female members from the group A'pacts, who were formerly signed with Indee Records. Their names are Mouna and Toun. Their single is called "Sun Ya Ja Bor Mee Num Dta". Some of you have already heard this song via youtube and now they finally have released their music video for this song. The story is about a man who cheats on both girls. It's a bit confusing and I haven't gotten the whole point of the story yet.

Here is the promotional poster:


  1. PART 1 (my post was too big to post all in one posting)

    I actually saw this MV before it was posted here and I will have to admit that I closed it within the first 10 seconds or so of the song after I herd "baby just tell me why" well it sounded more like "beehbah jushh tell merh why" and that sounds a little too much like the laogrish my e-mae uses. The laogrish isn't that bad it's just not good and some of it does not make sense. To prove my point this is an exert from the song "I was always in love with you but you never do" WTH is that suppose to mean, so tell me women what didn't he ever do? besides um.. not love you too! Perhaps the line should have been "I was always in love with you but you were playing me for a fool" - yeah that sounds better, heck it even rhymes! *gives self a pat in the back*
    It just irks the hell out of me to hear any type of engrish rather it be laogrish, thaigrish or korgirsh.

    With that being said, I will advise anyone who's going to listen to this song to IGNORE the Laogrish and the song will sound alot better. Although it does become aparent very quickly who has the stronger voice "Toun", I think she is the one on the left if you look at the poster. Speaking of the poster, it looks great!

    Now lets shift our focus to the song itself;

    The literal translation of the song's title is; I promise there won't be any tears

    Here's the song's summary (the sort of short version): It's about being in love with a person (in this case a guy) and you pour your heart and soul into the relationship but you don't feel like their reciprocating any of the love given. You don't really know why but you feel as if it's not the same anymore.You don't feel the warmth when you hold hands and you feel as if that person's being forced to be in the relationship. To make you feel even more like crap the jack ass wont tell you whats going on, regardless of how you feel they continue to see you and not break it off. You finally get the courage and confront them about how you feel and you let them know if they want to leave, just go ahead and do it,leave, don't worry you say "I promise I won't shed any tears".

  2. PART 2

    The MV: Now that you understand the song, the MV will make a lot more sense. Check this out, since there are two singers, they made the MV revolve around the two girls and a guy. The girls are singing/saying the same thing to that one guy. It's aparent to us that the guy is seeing both girls but the Mv is shot to show us the vantage point of the two girls.

    The first scene is actually a preview of the last scene when they all meet.

    The second scene is of each girls having a great time with the douche bag (the lovey dovey scenes)

    The third shows when the girls become suspicious, he does the old quick phone grab and hand over the screen trick to hide the callers identity and a big smile to mask the "holy sh*t i almost got caught feeling". At the same time they show each girl having dinner with him and each one repeating the same thing "just tell me what the hell is going" and basically if you want to leave just say so "I promise I wont shed any tears"

    The fourth is when one of the girls grabs his phone while he is not looking and later calls the other girl to find out who he's been talking to all along

    The fifth scene (Okay i don't know what number scene this really is I made the numbers up but don't fret I am however going in order) the girls decide to meet, Mouna aka Miss. weak voice doesn't believe the other girl Toun, this is the scene where the two girls are seating in a waiting area. What Toun does is call the guy to come meet her to prove her point to Mouna, this is the scene when you see Toun walking away holding hands with the guy and turning back to see Mouna with head phones on. She is in disbelief and not a very happy camper.

    Then BAM, it goes back to the first scene which like I said is the last scene, the girls both decide to confront him and basically have him make a choice. As you can see the guys a wreck, he doesn't know who he wants more, he just wants the cake and to eat it too. In the end he ends up with nothing and judging by how he slammed his hands on to the hold of his car he might need a new mini paint job.

    Wooooohooo.. damn.. that was a mouth full! Give yourself a pat on the back if you made it to the end of this 2 part posts!!!! :D

  3. Just notice some grammatical errors I made, damn... It's 12:14 AM I'm getting too old to be staying up this late. if you find the errors just chuckle .. G night!


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