Monday, April 19, 2010

Her First Solo Single

From talk show host to singing career, Anita has just been very busy! News came out that Anita, the host of Tolakong, has been confirmed as a new artist signed with KPY Entertainment. Artists who are also under this record company are A'pacts, M.A.Y, and Weza. Her first single first single is called "Orn Ae". I must say this is a really good track. I love the electronic beats in this and Anita has such a great voice. There isn't a music video for this song yet.

Album cover:


  1. Pretty girl, the song's not that bad but still needs some work. So far May has the best voice.

  2. It is very nice song and you are very pretty.

  3. I love this song,good music.

  4. Sabaidee..

    This song is very good , where can get this song at?

  5. muk euay annita t sout
    muk pleng phom sout yot lei theuk kp to nong leii


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