Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May and Lang

Check out these nice photos of May in a pretty dress! Doesn't she look stunning? She never fails to impress me with her looks. She is just beautiful! I also have some new Lang photo's that were put up. Wow, it's been a long time since I've heard from him. I guess now he's signed with KPY entertainment. Last we heard was about his album, Motion I, which was never released. I actually think they decided to not release it. No idea why but there were so many people waiting for this album! Hopefully Lang will release something soon with KPY. Some of you who are familiar with Lang know his singles that he released. These were "Bor Maen Khon Jai Ngai", "Khon Dta Dum Dum", and "Bor Wa Ja Yoo Sai".




  1. They both look very cute, I wouldn't go all out and say stunning but cute nonetheless. The only thing I'd like to see redone are the poses, I mean check out the picture of M.A.Y, the one underneath the one on the left, she looks just weird and a bit uncomfortable. I think the pictures should convey more, it's missing a sense of feelings, I guess "emoitons" is a better word. Lang is a good looking guy the poses they put him in however, dare I say, make him look awkward and silly (not in a cute silly way either). Anyway's the dress is very cute reminds me of a not so formal summer wedding dress :)


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