Saturday, May 01, 2010

Artists Sing For Haiti

Many artists from around the world are doing charities for the devestating earthquake in Haiti. Laos was no exception. In early April, a group of Lao artists held a concert for a relief effort of the recent Haiti earthquake, "Give Love To Haiti". Right now I do not know the complete list of participants but from what I can find on the internet some of these artists were May, DiVa (A'pacts), Pull-T Club, Lady, and Genii. There were also traditional lao music singers at the event as well as Laotian dancers.

I have also found two short clips of Vj Lady and Pull-T Club performing their songs.

Lady performed her latest single, "Sout Tee Huk", which wasn't sung live. Usually Vj Lady sings her songs live and in my opinion she actually sounds pretty decent. She had a lot of energy in this performance!

Pull-T Club did their single, "Lhong". Only three of the members were present. They had the track played in the back but they did sing live. I knew they did this because during Big Lu's part they had Leo singing his part which they didn't even bother to remove Big Lu's voice. For me the performance was a bit messy. Although I do think the song is really a good track. I have been addicted to it these past few days. You can listen to the full song on the side bar where the music play list is.

On a side note, Laopop4u will be celebrating our first anniversary this month! Time really has flown by so quickly. I first opened this blog on May 28, 2009 hoping to promote Lao music and it did. It has been a great experience. Especially when you get the actual Lao singers to visit your blog! I have gotten feed back from artists from Laos saying thank you for creating this blog and it just puts a smile on my face that they actually came here to visit!

Before I forget, the video credit goes to thirdbeat from Flickr. I would like to thank this user for uploading these videos.


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