Saturday, May 01, 2010

Another Cheesy Sad Love Story?

Here we go again with the same story line! So finally Genii has released their music video for their debut single, Yorm Jai Orn. I have been anxiously waiting for the release of this music video for months and when I watched it I felt a bit of disappointment. It was just another cheesy sad love story that has been done numerous times in Lao music videos. Don't get me wrong I actually really like this trio but really I am just tired of seeing the same thing done over and over again! Well I guess since the song is suppose to be a sad love story it should fit but they should have done it better.

The music video overall is just very forgettable. There wasn't anything that would let me distinguish this music video as a "Genii" music video. Take Vj Lady's earlier release of her music video , "Sout Tee Huk", as an example. When you think of that video you remember the bright blue building she was singing in front of and the playful cast dancing along with the song. I expected way more from Indee Records.

I should really stop with the criticism right now. Haha! The girls did look pretty as usual. They are just a bunch of eye candy! The main role was played by "Ey" which is fair since the other two girls Ching and Thip have already been given main roles for other music videos. Hopefully their next single will be a lot better. Keep your fingers crossed.

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