Sunday, May 02, 2010

Music Boom Chart

Music Boom is a music show in Laos where artists go on to get interviewed and promote their music. There's also a section at the end of the show where they go to a school and interview kids who are usually at the age of 16-20 and ask them what are their favorite songs at the moment. They then gather all the information up and create their top five songs to form a chart. Here is the list of songs for today, May 2nd 2010.

Hosts Vj Nutha (left) and Vj Nui (right)

Top 5 Music Boom Chart:

#5.) DiVa - Sun Ya Ja Bor Mee Num Dta // KPY Entertainment

#4.) Genii - Yorm Jai Orn // Indee Records

#3.) Gik Dozo - Khao Jai

#2.) Lady - Soot Tee Huk // Valentine Music

#1.) Temple Guys - Gun Lae Gun // Indee Records

(third song)


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