Thursday, June 03, 2010

Because I Love You

Valentine Music has been very active this year releasing tons of new songs for us fans who are wanting new Lao music. This time they introduce to us a new female singer by the name Pim. This song is called "Gor Phor Huk Jao", which in English translates out to "Because I Love You". She has a unique voice that I can tell apart from other singers. She has this baby-ish sound to her voice. 

I am also glad that VM decided not to turn this music video into a drama story that Laos always does. I'm getting rather tired of that concept. Instead, this music video focuses on Pim herself. Lately a lot of music videos are now having choreographies in them. The dances might not be the best but it's a good start right? There's always room for improvement and the first step is to try. 

Pim - Gor Phor Huk Jao


  1. The singer is pretty n nice voice, but hated this song! It sounded so cheaply made and very boooring, so typical of Lao song.

  2. Yeah it does sound kind of cheap but somehow it's catchy to me. I like it.


  3. low budget mv ເຮັດໄດ້ເທົ່ານີ້ກໍເມບແລ້ວ ຫະຫະ

  4. tae ka phud tha na pai noi 1..kai koua her previous MV hun la hae hae


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