Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Family CD

Most of you have already been aware of how busy Valentine Music has been this year. The reason is because they released a compilation CD for their new artists. The project includes two CD's and ranging from 2-3 songs for each artist. 

The first Big Family project was done way back when Lao music was still new which included A'pacts as a rookie group. Now they've done it again with a new group of artists including Caramel, Pim, Taii, Zo2, and many more. Lets call them the second generation of VM artists. 

When reading the track list I noticed something. Most of the tracks were written by Ambae who is one of the members of the girl band, Secret. She has written the songs for Caramel, Taii, Zo2, Laa, Locket, and Tar. Isn't she talented? I believe she was one of the guitarist in the band. Who knew she could write music! Hopefully Secret will comeback with their second album soon! 

I recommend this to anyone who loves pop music as there are lots of songs in this genre. There are a few songs that are R&B and Hip-Hop. Two artists that stood out to me were Pim and Taii. Hopefully this album is a stepping ground for them to release a real album. 

Big Family 2: Vol. 1
Released 2010
Purchase ($5.00)

Big Family 2: Vol. 2
Released 2010
Purchase ($5.00)

Big Family 2 (preview)

Pim (3 songs)


  1. Is this what you call music?
    Only for the people who were born yesterday.

  2. ມີແຕ່ເພງກະເຕິທັງນັ້ນໂດສຳເພາະ " pim " first song ຄືບໍ່ແມ່ນພາສາລາວນິ, ສຽງເຈັກເຢົ່າຜີຍັງເປັນຕາຟັງ
    ກ່ອນເພງນາງອັນນີ້.ລາວບໍ່ຄວນປ່ຽນສຳນຽງທຳມະຊາດຂອງພາສາ,ເຖິງວ່າຈະເປັນເພງກໍ່ຕາມເພາະມັນປ່ຽນຄວາມຫມາຍຂອງຄວາມເວົ້າທີ່ຮ້ອງເປັນບົດຂອງເພງ. A good song writer does not change the vowel sound of the words in the language that he/she uses to write the song with.

  3. Damn!!!!What the fuck??? VIP is gay! wanna do like Korean boys band right?? But they are lookin' like Gay band!

    And what about "Up 2 u"?? is that the lao version of "nice to meet u"?? gosh COPY!!!

    Son't say that they represent Lao singer! bcuz i'm lao! and i'm shy!!!!!

  4. ແຕ່ລະຄຳເຫັນ ="=

  5. ກຳ..... ເບີ່ງເວົ້າໃຫ້ຄົນລາວນຳກັນຫັ່ນພວກເຈົ້າເອີ່ຍ

  6. VIP are pretty good and Caramel is great. :D
    I'm looking forward to what they can do.

  7. ngun ngun lae....vip ka thao nun lae....

  8. tha hua nar vong vip bor park mar nae....vip khue si dung kua ni.....hahaha


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