Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Genii Cheers For World Cup

(Ey, Thip, Ching)

Genii Cheers For World Cup!

With the whole World Cup fever going around in the world, Mahason magazine invited girl band Genii to be featured on their cover of the 93rd issue. The girls are seen showing their cheerful spirit for the World Cup games that was held in South Africa. I know Genii may not be the most talented group of singers out there but you can't deny the fact that they are just cute! 

From what I could make out from the article, Ey is the youngest member who is 17 years old. Then comes Thip who is 19 years and Ching who is 20 years. 

They were also interviewed during their photo shoot but as you can see the words are very tiny and un-readable. 



(Credit Mahason@Facebook)


  1. I think sandals would be more appropriate for the photo shoot but nevertheless they are cute.

  2. Cheap & dated fashion, especial those hooker looking high heals that made those girls look so provocative not suitable for a respectable singers at all.


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