Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big3 Tigo Concert

Tigo is a popular mobile phone network provider used in South America, Central America, and Africa. In 2007, Tigo was brought to Laos replacing the name Tango (their former name). There are four branches in Laos including Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, and Savannakhet.

In April 2010 Tigo celebrated its third anniversary since its opening. The celebration was called "The Big 3" and featured both Lao and Thai artists. It drew in a big crowd. Big name Thai singers who were invited were Da Endorphine, Boy Peacemaker, and Hangman.

Tigo invited Indee Records artists to perform at the event. These included the three biggest Lao artists such as Cells, L.O.G, and Aluna. Other acts like ULUVUS, Tik Keopasert, and Temple Guys also joined in as well as newly formed groups Genii and Pull-T Club.

Big3 Concert Promo



Tik Keopasert (Princess)





  1. Cells really nailed this song! Genii on the other hand is the suckiest group I've ever heard of before. Aluna is very CHIC! she looks better than ever I wish the same with her song! Lastly, LOG's still great with their musics, thanks for posting guys.

  2. Genii is the worst singing group ever!! Aluna on the other hand looks so stunning, but her musics are so so.


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