Wednesday, June 16, 2010

X-Treme A Former Dance Crew

X-Treme Once A Dance Crew
Did you know X-Treme, KPY's boy band, were once a dance crew? Actually I shouldn't say 'were once' since they probably are still together but only two of the members from the dance crew are in the 'new' X-Treme boy band. This is what the original X-treme looked like.

The original X-Treme were invited to dance on a Thai TV show called '07 Show'. They were actually invited twice. They are most known for performing songs from a South Korean boy band, Shinee. Two songs that they covered were "Juliette" and "Ring Ding Dong".

Thanks to one of our readers for sharing this link!

They were amazing right? These guys can dance! This is just what Laos needs. A group of young talented choreographers who know what they are doing. To be honest I was shocked knowing these were Lao people dancing. I know that's a bit ignorant of me but this was the first time I've seen Lao people who could actually dance their butt off.

Now that I know these guys can dance I'm really anticipating for their debut. Looking forward to some nice dance routines and up beat music.

As most of you already know, this is the new X-Treme. In this picture it shows four people; however, they are now a five member group. The members are (from left to right) Sam, Toh, Pao, and Nick. If I'm not mistaken, Toh and Pao are the members from the dance crew. There isn't any information on the fifth member yet.


  1. About time!!! I have high hopes for this group, their poses maybe a bit off, yes I know I keep picking on that but they do have the look. Lets see....
    1. Style (check .. well okay the shoes might have to go and the gigantic mohawk but these things can be worked on as they gain popularity) 2. Capable of Dancing (BIG CHECK)
    3. Can belt out a tune without killing my ear drums (Check-ish, I mean, we know Sam was in Apacts and to be honest I havent really checked them out or herd him sing but I'm going to guess he's not that bad) and most importantly
    4. Are they eye candy enough to make teen girls scream and grown women smerk (Check, I was kidding about this being the most important thing but we all know that looking good can go along way especially in the entertainment industry.
    I've dubbed them the LBB (Lao Back street Boys) for now, lets see if they actually deliver.

  2. BTW, I've noticed the new icons next to each response, it's really for lack of a better word, cute and also the link to Lao star Tv on at the top right coner is pretty awesome! I guess we are really improving when it comes to our entertainment industry in Laos. I've been so ignorant and naive about it for so long, not thinking that we've improved much or at all. Thanks for opening my eyes and ears. Love your site!

  3. Glad you like the new icon. I always wanted to change the avatar but didn't know how until just now. I think it looks neat now.

    And that's good to hear that I had impacted my readers about Lao music in some way. My goal is to bring some life into this new Lao "music".

  4. I love your website, you did an excellent job!,and I hope to see Lang's new music video soon.

    Lao kid USA,

  5. YES... i absolutely love X-treme they got talent.


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