Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music Lover Top 10 Song Chart

Last week, July 5-11, Music Lovers released their Top 10 music chart. The chart shows what songs are popular at the moment in Laos right now. There's a big variety in this chart with singers from every record company in Laos. I'm surprised that Genii is still on the charts considering the song is old compared to these newer ones. Congratulations to Genii for topping the charts again. 

Music Lover Top 10
(July 5-11 2010)

10.) Phim - "Gor Phor Huk Jao" | ກໍ່ເພາະຮັກເຈົ້າ

9.) Meduzia - "Khaed Huk" | ເຂດຮັກ

(MV Unavailable)

8.) Fresh - "Yung Huk Yung Jeb" | ຍັງຮັກຍັງເຈັບ

(MV Unavailable)

7.) G Top Band - "Hua Jai Jao Yoo Sai" | ຫົວໃຈເຈົ້າຢູ່ໃສ

(MV Unavailable)

6.) B-Hero - "Yood Dai Leo" | ຢຸດໄດ້ແລ້ວ

(MV Unavailable)

5.) 4 Guys Pop - "Leuang Ngai Ngai Gub Khon Laiy Jai" | ເລື່ອງງ່າຍໆກັບຄົນຫຼາຍໃຈ

4.) 5 4 U - "Youd Lok Toh Eng" | ຢຸດຫລອກຕົວເອງ

3.) Lung - "Baeb Nee Touk Kung" |ແບບນີ້ທຸກຄັ້ງ

2.) Anita - "Orn Ae" | ອ່ອນແອ

1.) Genii - "Yorm Jai Orn" | ຍອມໃຈອ່ອນ


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