Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rock Band Black Eyes

Pop definitely dominates the Lao music industry, but once in a while there are some bands that pop up. This band that I have just discovered is called Black Eyes. They are signed with a new record company by the name of Lao Pride records. Other artists who are in this record company are the boy band, Fusion, who are most known for their single "Gin Heo" and a new hip hop group called G-Bloods who released their debut single, "Dai Mai Leum Gao". Black Eyes consist of five members. As of now I do not know any of their names. Their single is called "Faen Khoiy Eng".

The story opens with a guy sleeping on his bed and he receives a call from his girlfriend. She calls to ask him when he is going to come over to the birthday party. While at the party, the guy gets over-protective of his girlfriend being flirted by other guys. He does everything he can to scare away every guy that gets near her. In one scene he pushes a guy away from the girl but accidentally pushes her down also. She then gets frustrated and leaves the house. They made up at the end of the video.

Black Eyes - Faen Khoi Eng
 Lao Pride Records
Released: 2010

(Story Version)

(Band Version)


  1. ชอบเนื้อหาของเพลงนี้มากๆ น่ารักดี

  2. ພໍຟັງຢູແລະທ່າທາງດີພໍສົມຄວນເສັຽທີແຕ່ຢາກຫຼິ້ນຊໍ້າກັນຄືເພງຂອງຂນະ
    Temple Guys ຈັກຫນ້ອຍມັນຄືກັນກັບຟັງຂນະດຽວກັນໂພ້ດ. Your band is lack of creativity. One Temple Guys in Laos is enough for under 8 million Laotians to listen to. We expect the new band to play their music different style not copy from another band,b'cus all Lao songs will sound the same and that's very BAD for Lao music industry!!

  3. What is creativity to you?
    First off, just because Temple guys was released before them makes them pioneers of the rock music in Laos. How do you want rock to be? It's also very ignorant to say this band copied Temple guys, do you know these guys? They were around way before Temple guy. When Kimmy was still singing pop songs, these guys were already known underground. They also released a single a long time ago, which topped Aluna's famous song "Khuam Hu Seuk Bork". You lack of creativity in your comments, and be constructive.

  4. You must be an individual that can't take the truth! For your info under ground or not if the band is not known to the public or even produce cd that doesn't count. I really don't want to put Temple Guys on the spot nor act as their spokesperson, but as a Lao music fan from over sea I'm letting you know that almost all of the music bands in Laos tends to play very exact music style or even copy from other band that first came out as I mention earlier about " Black eyes " Anyways, but I like the way he acted on stage though, just wish that he has his own tune for his rock music so it doesn't sound like all the Lao songs were written by only one same song writer. It would be pretty suck for Lao music industries. I don't think I can be any more constructive than this!

  5. The truth and opinion is a different thing. You are of course free to express and share your opinion, but doesn't mean you're speaking the truth.
    Anyway, if you relate lyrics in the Lao music industry, well pretty much all the songs are about Love theme. What else can you write about Love? They could sing about trees and flowers, which will make them original and unique, but I don't know if is what they want.
    Music is a way to express isn't it.
    Also, Lao Ministry of Culture is very strict about theme and lyrics, so you cannot talk about whatever you want unlike in the US or even Thailand.
    Anyway, maybe you should wait and listen to other songs if they're still sound like other artists :)

  6. What I wast referring to was the rhythm of the music not the lyrics and of course even though their music style might be rock music that doesn't mean it should sound like Cells, Temple Guys, Tuxedo, etc... so the music fan knows the differences from one band to another just like all the bands in America or England that play rocks, heavy metals,pops,techno musics, etc...they all have their own tune & rhythm, because is part of their band's identity & can be distinguished by music fans right away like in America there's only one Metallica or one Black Eye Peas and if any new band out there trying to copy or even sounding close to them they wouldn't be able to sell their cd that's for sure.

  7. The truth?
    How about telling it like it is.


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