Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lao Artists Joins Thai Artists at a Concert

Bie the Star and Grand the Star are popular Thai artists who came and did a concert in Laos in April. It was organized by the Lao Telecommunications Company and took place at the Lao-Itecc in Vientiane. The concert was to show appreciation for the company's customers, as well as to celebrate the Lao New Year.

Other than performances from the two Thai pop stars, there were also Lao artists that included Annita and May from KPY Entertainment, Tee Oudalai, and Laobangfai. Annita and May sang their latest singles and as for Tee, I'm not sure what he sang. Laobangfai, of course, showed off their b-boying skills.



Tee Oudalay



  1. yark hen full version =(

  2. I love Anita's fashion, it's absolutely fabulous!!

    Lao kid USA


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